Tim Kimsey    

Tim Kimsey started off as a kid who traveled the world as a singer/soloist  in the “Texas Boys Choir”. At age 19 Tim was accepted into the studio environment as an assistant for a Ft. Worth based recording studio called “Buffalo Sound Studios”. Tim was told from day one at Buffalo Sound that it would take minimum of two years before allowed to engineer a session.

Two years later Tim was the “Chief Engineer” of Buffalo Sound Studios, where music for radio/ television was produced and recorded/mixed.

Buffalo Sound Studios was also a spring board for Tim’s career because

of getting the opportunity to also assist on major label recordings. Tim remained in Ft. Worth working for Buffalo Sound Studios for six almost seven years, when in 1986 Tim was offered a staff position for what was known at the time as “THE” largest recording facility in the Southwestern United States....... “Dallas Sound Lab”. Tim was brought on staff working as one of five engineers for Dallas Sound Lab engineering everything from voice over sessions to full blown orchestral recordings to be synchronized to film. Dallas Sound Lab being located in the Communications Complex of Las Colinas (Irving/Dallas) in the 1980’s was every engineers dream, by 1987 Tim was the Chief Engineer of DSL, engineering, assisting, and overseeing various projects coming through Dallas Sound Lab.

Tim remained chief engineer at Dallas Sound Lab for three years when in 1990 made a difficult decision to become a freelance recording engineer available for hire for just about anything and everything and traveling to various cities in the US and Mexico.

Tim got most of his experience in Orchestral recording in the late eighties, and most of his rock, heavy metal, pop, R&B, jazz, blues and rap recording experience in the early nineties, working with such people as Grover Washington Jr., B.B. King, Steve Perry, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), King Diamond, Pantera, UGK (Under Ground Kingz) and Paula Abdul.

Currently Tim is teaching “Studio Post Production”, “5.1 Surround Sound” “Live Sound Production” & “Studio Acoustic Design” at Media Tech Institute in Dallas, is a mixer, producer, and sound advisor for “Latin Beat Multimedia” in Miami Florida & Los Angeles California, and owner of “Clockwork Forensic Services” located in Denton Texas.



Left : Studio 1 London England

Top Left : Live Show in East Texas

Upper Right : Tim & The Boys from Liverpool

Lower Right : Tim with Sir Elton John and Owner of Dallas Sound Lab Russell Whitaker